Spring is here, and the frogs are waking up. Have you heard any yet? Not all of them sound like frogs; some actually sound more like quacking ducks. These are wood frogs, and they are found in vernal pools. If you’ve heard them, we want to hear from you! The Vernal Pool SWAT Team is the latest environmental outreach effort from White Oak Land Conservation Society.


Vernal pools are shallow depressions in woodlands which have water in them only part of the year - they’re critical breeding grounds for wood frogs, salamanders and many other creatures. Now that spring is here, the Team is gearing up for action. Our mission is to help local citizens certify as many vernal pools as possible this year in Holden. (So far, only 12-15 have been certified out of a list of over a hundred potential sites.)



Certification of pools is easy - we’ll provide all the technical assistance, and will even bring a digital camera if you don’t have one. Pool certification can make a difference in preserving key lands and important habitat areas for endangered species. Learning about vernal pools is fun, especially for kids, and can even be included as part of your home schooling biology instruction.


If you think you may have a vernal pool, or if you hear a strange “quacking” sound coming from a wooded area near you, give us a call at (508) 829-4829, or email us. For more info, or to become part of the team (no expertise needed), email